Meeting People

My roommate Fran and our neighbor Luke planned a get together for the flats in our building, because we really haven't seen each other, except in passing at the FSU and the hallway. It was a bit of fun, as we essentially all brought some food, sat around, eating, drinking and talking. It was good to do. I got to test out my own cooking skills with Chicken Balti, an Indian dish that I've really enjoyed in the past weeks, and fairly easy to make.
Got to meet more people, which was a big plus. Up until now, I really haven't gotten out to meet anyone. Turns out that two of them, Ben and April are very big into Firefly/Serenity and that we share a number of the same interests when it comes to movies and Science Fiction. I spent much of the evening talking to either Ben or April, which was fun. There were quite a few other people, and there was general converstation.
Afterwards, people went off to pubs or in our case, our flat and just hung around. I fiddled with my camera, figuring out some of the settings for exposure and the like, getting some practice in with the hallway light with a very cool set of images.
Overall, a productive evening, although I didn't hear from my cousin, Nick, who's in town. We talked earlier in the week, but it's possible that he just got a busy signal, as Fran was talking with some of her friends for a good chunk of time.