5 Weird Things

Five Weird Habits
I stole this from Walter Jon Willams, In which I reveal five allegedly weird habits that I possess, and then tag five other folks with the same meme.

1. Like WJW, I've never actually sat down and watched the Super Bowl. Not once, never, ever. It's just never interested me. WJW mentioned that: For a few years, on Super Bowl Sunday, Kathy and I made a point of attending the ballet as a form of cultural protest against this annual rite of drunkenness and spouse abuse. It was easy to get to the auditorium because the roads were empty, and the theater was always filled with mothers and their daughters, all of whom seemed very happy to be there.

2. I like the cold. Here in London, it's hovering around 0 C. That = 32 degrees F, and it can get 60 degrees colder back at home, and I don't mind that. I'm actually missing the snow a bit.

3. I go out of my way to look up very odd things, which comes with being a History major and Geology major. Currently on the desk in front of me is a print out of the following subjects: William Smith, Charles Lyell, Arthur Holmes, James Hutton and Quantum Mechanics. The men are all geologists who really started the field in it's modern sense.

4. I don't watch TV, despite being a huge fan of a number of TV shows. Where I live, I don't get TV, so I'll get a show on DVD and watch the entire season within a week or two. I'll probably watch an episode premire once a week, if that.

5. I love and hate heights. With ropes or something of that nature, I'll do anything. On ladders, especially unstable ones, I get nervous.

Tag: Nathan, Andrea, Rachel, Jim, and Zach.