We went on another excursion yesterday, off to Cambridge, the other major University location in England, and a major rival of Oxford. Overall, I was more impressed with Cambridge than I was with Oxford. The place was smaller, and with less noise. There were few cars, but tons of bikes, everywhere. We almost got hit several times.
Cambridge is more specialized with Sciences, while Oxford is more concerned with Humanities. We saw the places where DNA was discovered and where the first computer was built. They also have a dedicated museum of Geology, which I was able to walk around in, and was very impressed. It was fairly small and cluttered, but there was a lot of things to look at there. Hopefully I'll get a chance to return sometime in the near future. We had a walking tour of the town, which I'm guessing is about the size of Montpelier, which surprised me. It has a nice feeling to it. We visited a number of the colleges and universities there while we were there, all of which were pretty impressive.

Now, for a political rant: Bush Hates Big Bird. Maybe not so much like that, but according to this article, the White House has cut funding for PBS by nearly 100 million dollars. This is all in response to the demand for fun increases in Homelanad Security and Defense departments.
Personally, I think that it's sad, that we have to cut funding that provides near vital children's programming that has been around for decades.
“Oscar the Grouch has been friendlier to Sesame Street characters than the Bush administration, which has chosen to make huge cuts to children’s television programming,” Rep. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) said regarding the cuts, according to Variety. “In a world of fast and furious television with content often inappropriate for young children, the public broadcasting system represents the last stronghold of quality, child-oriented programming - we owe this free over-the-air resource to America’s children and their parents.”
I don't think that I could say that better.