I've been watching the Olympics on BBC 2, having quite a bit of fun doing so. I think that the last time that I watched the event was in 1998, and I ended up missing the 2002 Salt Lake City one, which is a bit of a shame.
The opening events were pretty cool to see, and I had a map out seeing where some countries were in the world, which was fun.
Today, the French got a very surprising win in the downhill racing. I watched the Men's Halfpipe for snowboarding and watched with glee as the US got both the Gold and Silver, and came very close to sweeping the entire thing, as another American got 4th place. I was, however, surprised at how many people fell down on their first run.
My neighbor just got tickets for a couple events a couple weeks from now. I'm seriously debating whether it'd be worth it to try and get some, and to fly over and watch. Any ideas?