Vacation... Soon

I finally got a phone card that actually calls the US, and called home for the first time in like three weeks. Got to talk to my parents and sister, and my grandmother, giving them all a bit of an update on what I've been up to, and talked with my dad about the protests in London and the Middle East and my plans for my mid semester break next week.
I've decided that I'll be visiting Scotland, and I'm looking at Edinburgh. So thus begins the process of looking up Youth Hostels, train times and places to visit. Edinburgh is where a lot of the major geologists who started the entire field came from, James Hutton and Charles Lyell most notably. Planning on staying up there for two nights, seeing the ocean, parks and whatever else I come across while there. I'm looking forwards to it, finally getting around to travelling on my own.

One thing that I've often noticed about travelling, is the anticipation of going somewhere, but actually going somewhere seems to come up incredibly fast, and that you don't realize that you're on your way until you're sitting, looking at the countryside flying by that you realize that you're going.

Now, to find a printer that works...