Blue Merle

Another artist to highlight: Blue Merle. I found these guys through radio play, with their single Burning In The Sun, which is simply a great song. Great sound to it, lyrics are great, and for me, highly relatable for me, regarding love and breakup. Their album has a number of other great songs, including Boxcar Racer, Lucky to Know You, Every Ship Must Sail Away and Places being my favorites. The others are all equally as good, and I think that these guys are just about up there with Low Millions, Amos Lee and Carbon Leaf.

If you like Coldplay, you'll like their stuff. Their lead singer, Luke Reynolds, (Who's also from Vermont) has a very similar sound to that of the British Band, but their music sounds a bit more diverse with a Fiddle and Mandolin. Mandolins seem to be popping up more, and they do add a cool sound to the music, especially here.
Track listing:

1- Burning in the Sun
2- If I Could
3- Lucky to Know You
5- Every Ship Must Sail Away
6- Boxcar Racer
7- Made to Run
8- Seeing Through You
9- Places
10- Part of Your History
11- Either Way It Goes
12- Bittersweet Memory

Their official Website is : Again, highly recommended.