Nickel Creek!

I just got an e-mail from Nickel Creek, a band that I really like. Apparently they've got a show tomorrow at the South Bank Theatre, which is in London. Hopefully they'll have tickets, it'd be awesome to see them in person. I'll probably rant about them later on.
For today - Watching a John Cleese movie that was free in a newspaper, which is very funny so far, very English, and hanging out with some people watching Rugby in a pub later on.

And on top of that, I really want to get a Mini Cooper. They're everywhere here.

Edit: Okay, Rugby game is actually next week. I'm glad that I figured that out before I reached the pub and found that out. Okay, now to find something to do for the evening...

The John Cleese movie, Clockwise, is hilarious. It was free in one of the local news papers, and has Cleese, a headmaster who's a stickler for being on time, trying to reach a meeting (Ironically, at a University at Norwich). However, he ends up getting into problem after problem and becoming horribly late in a very funny series of events.

And after that, catching up with some NPR news. Great station, if you've never listened to it.