I rewatched the pilot episode of the new incarnation of Dr. Who, a very popular show in the UK. It's filmed in London, and as a result, I recognize places, which makes me miss England even more. I've awoken a couple times and rolled out of bed, having a couple minutes before it strikes me that I'm no longer living in flat 9 of 5 Doughty Street, WC1N 2PL, Greater London.

On top of that, I've learned that two of my friends are going to be going through the same program next semester. I'm wondering if I picked the wrong semester to do, and realise that I wouldn't trade my experiences in London for anything else in the world.

Living in London made me more independant. My friend Kyle and I are getting an apartment just off of campus. It's not too bad pricewise, and once it's cleaned (The owners who live there make my room look clean) it'll be a great place to live (I hope.) I got to liking buying my own food, managing my own schedule, etc. It'll be even better not being the geek-who-lives-in-his-parents-basement.

And, I have a job for the summer. Let's see if I can find one for the next 5-6 weeks. London is expensive.

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