Closing Out

We had our last meeting of Tactics for the year, and most likely my last meeting ever in Harmon Hall. For the next two years, it'll be renovated and revamped so that it's better, but I won't be around when that happens. We spent the entire time on a proper meeting, something that hasn't happened in a while, going over plans for the next semester, recruitment, events and games, and for once, we're on good footing, for now. After the meeting, we played Risk while watching Stargate SG-1 and Dr. Who, for a grand total of about 4 hours. No one won in Risk, although we did pinch Stuart out of Europe before deciding that we really didn't want to spend another four hours trying to dislodge each other off of our respective continents. After we finished taking over the world, we began our close out of the club room. All of our games, books, materials and even the paper from the wall listing some club things (that predate my entrance to the club) all went into my car. None of us really trust Norwich to take care of our things, given that they're ours and expensive, and the risk of losing it all is just too much. So now it's sitting in my room.
Along with the games, I'm slowly emptying my shelves of books, packing away the ones that I'll be bringing with me when I move out sometime this summer. Kyle and I signed for the lease for 46 Catamound Drive, Northfield, and I'll be out of the house, finally. Currently, I've got three boxes of books, and it'll probably be a total of five. Plus my computer, bookshelves, desk, couch, chair and clothing, and I'll be on my way somewhere else.
It's odd to come back home and to begin packing for a new one so soon. After I move into my apartment, I'll be off to Camp once again, and I'll have most of my things with me there, my computer and clothing at least.
I've picked up a couple books in the past week or so. First one is The Map That Changed The World: William Smith and the Birth of Modern Geology, by Simon Winchester. Facinating read, provides a good look at England in the 1800s, through the results of the Industrial and Agricultural revolution, something that I learned a lot about while in London. The geology part is also facinating, although I haven't gotten too far into those sections yet. The other book is Shopgirl, by Steve Martin, the actor. I've read one of his other books before, and they're quick reads, this one being no exception. Frankly, it's really depressing, none of the characters are terribly likable and it's gotten me into a sour mood. Not a bad book though, so I'll finish it later tonight. I think that I see myself and some other people too much in the characters, and that's what's gotten me down a bit.
I took a drive earlier when I dropped my sister off for some church thing that she's doing. I've found that it really helps clear my head at times. The lighting was great on the way back home, sun was just setting, and the roads were empty. Very lonely, matching my mood perfectly. I need a distraction.