Graduation was Sunday. I missed it. I knew quite a few seniors, and it struck me earlier today that there's a very good chance that I'll never see some of them again, which is painful, because I never got the chance to say goodbye. I stopped by the other night to say goodbye to Kyle, who's going off to Washington DC to work for the summer, and I got to find Karthik and Corey, two friends who just graduated. I'll really miss Karthik, and I was glad that I was able to say bye to him.

Sam came home on the same day, and I finally got to see him and his girlfriend, Miranda today. We spent the afternoon and evening together, talking about our trips (Sam when to Japan), things for the summer. We got dinner and watched A History of Violence. Decent enough movie. The best part of the day was the miniature Abnaki reunion that typically happens any time anyone from the camp sets foot on Church Street. The three of us went to lunch at a sandwich shop where Billy and Shane both work, and because it was a slow point, we talked for about 20 minutes about comics and RPG campaigns and the upcoming summer, as well as life in general.

Work is dull. But it pays. I might actually increase my hours to get some more money and to fill the time. I guess that we'll see.