Nodding, Ups and Downs

I slept horribly last night. Went to bed at midnight, tossed and turned for two hours before finally passing out. I'm not entirely sure why, although I have some vague suspsions that I won't go into.I now have a job. In addition to what I do at Camp, which starts in five weeks. This job involves standing or sitting for hours at a time watching people in a swimming pool, basically ensuring that they don't die. Lifeguarding, wee... But, it earns money, which is needed. I was ready for a job interview this morning. When I got there, the guy, Ted, had me fill out payroll forms and timesheets. I guess they really needed someone, fast. After that, I walked around Church Street, saw a couple people that I knew, then went to the movie theatre for the highlight of the day- Mission Impossible III. I've been a little aprehensive when I learned that they were making another one of these. It's been in the pipeline for years now, and after MI2, I was ready to write off the first movie as a one hit wonder. But then the powers to be assigned a man named J.J. Abrams to the project and it became something to be interested in. Abrams, if you don't know, is the guy who created LOST and Alias, both quality television shows. But Alias is a spy show. Thus, Abrams has experience with the genre, as well as being a new guy. This means that he's got new ideas, as well as some really good camera work to the big screen. Granted, it's got Tom Cruise, whom I don't mind too much, but he's certainly not the best actor in the world. But how much acting do you really need for a spy movie like this one? Overall, I really enjoyed the movie. The action was top notch, very reminicant of the Bourne Supremacy, which I loved, and which I was happy to see here. I would die if Abrams did the next Bourne movie, but Paul Greengrass, who directed the last one, as well as the recent film United 93, is helming it. Mission Impossible worked because Abrams was at the helm. The second one was a lot of explosions and some action scenes. Interesting to be sure, but we'd already seen it. MI3 brought an interesting plot, actual spy stuff, sneaking around, but several explosions and gun fights, as well as one helluva helicopter chase through a wind field, of all things. And, automatic baseball pitchers are great (and hilarious) distractions when breaking into a building.