Geeking Out

I've spent the couple days up in Burlington to save money on gas. Many geek things have been going on. First, I saw the season finale for LOST, which was intriguing, fantastic, and still didn't answer enough questions, but still really good.
Second, I met up with my friend Blackwell, one of the members of camp's Geek Squad. He gave me the entire series of Dr. Who, the new incarnation, high quality and commercial free - AMAZING show. British humour mixed with science fiction - absolutely thrilling and original. As the good doctor says - Fantastic! I also got the entire Season 2 of Battlestar Galactica, which I'm really looking forwards to seeing.
While I was with Beep, (Blackwell's nickname), we went to Borders - ran into Sam, our other member of the Geek Squad, whom we thought wasn't in the state. While we were talking with him, Billy, another member of Camp came in, and we wandered around. We ended up running into three more members of Camp - a regular reunion on Church Street. Fun times.
Lastly, I found that I'll probably be able to attend Celebration 4, next year, because they bumped the date back to late May. Previously, I'd thought that it'd be right before or during exams of my senior year, something that I couldn't miss. wOOt!