In the Presence of Comic Geeks

I had a good day today. Awoke in a good mood, did some things at home then went to work, only to find that I wasn't on the schedule today. Went out and bought Veronica Mars, went to my friend Blackwell's house and watched part of it with him. Great show, highly recommended if you haven't seen it yet. After a couple hours of that, we went out and watched X-Men 3, with a bunch of the Abnaki group.
I liked the movie. It wasn't great on any critical level, but it was definently a fun one to watch. It has a number of serious flaws with aspects of it. The entire thing felt very rushed, and there were about two too many storylines that didn't need to compete with each other, the Dark Phoenix saga, and the Cure saga, which came mostly out of Joss Whedon's recent comic line. The Cure storyline worked very well, stuck pretty closely to Whedon's comics, some aspects of it, but the Phoenix saga really sunk, no where near the comics, which is a huge shame. What should have happened is they should have saved it for a future film, and focused on the cure. The strength of the movie was the minor characters. Kitty, Colossus, Iceman, I was very happy to see those guys in there with some fun roles. I think that my favorite X-Men character is now Kitty, especially with her role in Whedon's comics. Some scenes were absolutely fantastic. The opening danger room scene was really good, especially with the Sentinal's head, as well as most of the other action scenes, most especially the finale battle between both sides. Other things seemed very glossed over, like Mystique's exit from the mutant world, as well as some of the newer characters, mainly Angel, who played no real part in the movie from his few scenes. At least Beast had some storyline that was somewhat explained for his absence in the last couple movies. Overall, fun movie, although not as good as # 1 or # 2. This story should have had Bryan Singer at the helm, but hopefully Superman Returns will benefit from his direction.

It's fun to go to these movies with comic geeks. I've never really been sure if I'd truely qualify as one, but I'm getting there, as my collection slowly grows each month. My friends are huge fans of the comics, and a bit more knowledgable with some of the older storylines that I'm working on learning more about. The converstation between Beep, Billy, Wells and I was fun - It's fun to debate about these things.

Okay, I'm off to bed soon. Have a good night everyone.