I can't believe it - I won a contest. And to boot, the prize was a $300 backpack from Climb High. The other day, 104.7 The Point, the radio station that I listen to, was doing some promotional thing over at Climb High, which just reopened. So I stopped by before work, looked around, entered their raffle. Two days later, I got a message on my cell phone, and I was told that I won something. So, I stopped by this morning and low and behold, it was a backpack, a nice one. Hadn't heard of the brand before now, but looking it up online, it's supposed to be good. It's bigger than my regular one, but looks to be great for hiking. Can't wait to really use it.

After this fun news, I went and finished moving into my apartment in Northfield. Almost completely moved in. Should be by the end of the week.

Oh, and I got my license plates for my car.