Love, Loss, Hope, Repeat

Is the title of Carbon Leaf's upcoming album, as they announced on their websites and in a recent news letter. Really excited for it - listening to all of their previous albums, they've been getting better and better. Judging from the title, this one's also going to be something that I'm really going to relate to. All of the songs on Indian Summer had something that I could empathize with, especially Life Less Ordinary, One Prarie Outpost and Changeless. I can't wait for the album cover and track list. Hopefully, that'll be coming soon.
In addition to their new album, they've announced that they're returning to Vermont! August 12th, with a free concert in Burlington. Absolutely cannot wait for that concert. I've missed two concerts (James Hunter and KT Tunstall) and I don't want to miss any more.

Went out with a cabin sailing today, out on the Lake. Lots of fun, we brought lunch and had a blast sailing around. Even the thunderstorms, which were forcasted for this afternoon, haven't come yet. We were hit by a hard and fast one this morning at around five, which cooled everything down nicely. If only it'd do that for the rest of the year.