Cabin Otshata, My Own Office and Homesick Campers

I have a cabin of my own now. For the first half of the year, I've been rooming with another member of staff, Adam, who's on the maintainence staff, because the other cabin usually used for the Tamakwa Village Director was taken. But now, with reduced camper numbers and my supervisor urging me to spend more time in my village (Tough because I was living outside of the village) so I took one of the empty cabins as my own.
It's nice, fairly large, and I've organized it to suit storage and things like that. The best part is a small room on the back, which used to be a bathroom, but is now essentially a closet. It's now my office, which is nice, because I can keep work things in there, like my computer, and it's private enough so that I won't be as distracted. Plus, it's nice to have a place of my own.
On top of that, I've got one extremely homesick camper, who's got his ups and downs, currently on an up period, which I hope will last the entire session. Homesickness is very hard to deal with, and it's always a problem in a cabin. I think I deal with it okay, hopefully this camper will pull out of it fine and enjoy himself.
On the plus side, I'm running a D20 Modern game that's off to a good start, and I'm running a session of Fantasy Gaming with a group of campers. Should be a lot of fun.