I'm at home now. My new home- Northfield. My roommate, Kyle, moved in the day before I got back, and the place is still a mess while we put our things away. It's weird adjusting to a completely new routine - right now, it's getting everything sorted away, getting bills sorted, food, various things for the apartment, etc. We've spent a lot of time catching up on our summers.
School's next week. A lot of people are heading home, so I haven't gotten a chance to see anyone yet. Most of my friends are coming in this weekend, can't wait to see them. A couple other friends are going out to the same program that I was in for London, kudos to them.
And, I have Prison Break on DVD. Great show.

I miss camp.

EDIT: NOOOO! The SciFi Channel just announced that they're not renewing SG-1 for an 11th season. Curses.