Status Update

So, life's been going on decently. Apartment, check. Various problems with apartment fixed, check. Internet, check. Cable TV and TV, check. All the basic necessities of a college student fullfilled. I even caught the first episode of Prison Break Season 2.
My grandfather died on Tuesday, which was not unexpected. He's been in very tough shape for the past two or so years, due to various medical problems. I feel a bit of relief and sadness- relief that he's no longer in pain, and sad, well, for reasons I'm sure that everyone can guess. At least I got to see him and say goodbye before he went.
It's my sister's birthday yesterday. Our family went out to a nice place in Stowe. Stowe, for those of you who don't know of it, is one of the nicer places of Vermont, one that seems to have retained a nice false charm and Vermontness for all of the wealthy patrons. It's a resort town, and there's a lot of commercial property there, very expensive stuff. There's the ski area there, as well as several resorts, etc. Food was very good. I felt really out of place there. Rich resorts are not really a place that I'd like to be around. They feel very fake to me. Fits with the rest of the town...