Holdover from Camp

Things are going well. There hasn't been much to write about. Life's going on fairly normally. Dumping money on groceries, starting to get into a routine of classes and work.

The best thing thus far is the Tactics Club. In years past, we've never had a whole lot of luck with getting new members. This year however, before our activities fair, we had four new people. After it, and due to some posters, we have almost fifteen new people. It's amazing, because now, we can actually do things. Stuart (our VP) and I have set up a meeting plan, and several new officer posts to get people to do things, and I've already started a game with the freshmen, as well as started planning a second due to demand.

It's nice to also walk into a room, ask who's a Firefly fan and have everyone raise their hands.

Edit: 10:30 pm - The campus is locked down. Apparently, there was a threat against a student's life earlier today. While I was in a geology tutoring session, security came in and told me that I had to leave and lock up. Not sure what the full story is, but it's really weird.

In other news - Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip is worth a lot of the hype that's been thrown it's way. Good show to keep an eye on.