Ow! (Or, when I needed Bicycle repair man the most)

Four weeks into school, riding my bike and I've had my first accident. Nothing serious, but I banged up my knee and palm of my hand. I should go slower around corners where cars might also be coming around. Having to suddenly decrease your turn radius isn't fun, especially with a backback on. I also had the fun pleasure of digging all the crap out of my hand, then finding some bandages.

Of course, my luck would have it that I probably need to replace my rear shifter, as it's no longer working, and I'm not well versed enough in bicycle repair to attempt it myself.

This is a job for Bicycle repair man!

Update: Kudos to Bicycle Express of Northfield, for taking one look at my bike and fixing it and then not charging me. I'll probably go to them when I need to get my bike tuned up for the year.