And the skies opened up

I'm wet, pretty chilly and wondering why the hell the closest telephone that I have easy access to is nearly a half mile away. Worth it though.

Work was slow for the first half. The calanders are boring, although sales will probably be picking up soon with the holidays and things happening soon. Things picked up towards the end of the evening, when my supervisor came out to chat about random things and I got all but thirty pages done in Matriarch. It's a good read, and the series is amazing. Karen's one of the best modern Sci-Fi authors out there.

And, got one of the first random/weird stories out of working in a book store:
Me, to man looking at Sports Illustrated calander: "Sir, can I help you find anything?"
Man "Nope. Just looking at the sluts."
Me "..."

For other random stories, visit here:

Now, to catch up on some homework, reading, as well as last night's episode of Heroes, on NBC. Veronica Mars is on later tonight.

Edit: Crap! My usual source for TV show times, Yahoo says that Veronica is on at 11, but it's currently baseball, which isn't listed on there at all. Maybe it'll be pushed back a bit? Arg.