Cranberries are the Ninja Fruit

Probably one of the best commercials I've seen, a cranberry farmer claiming that Cranberries are the 'Ninja Fruit'. Unfortunently, I can't seem to find it online, but if I do, I'll throw up a link.

The Berlin Mall is definently an odd place. There's a number of interesting people that I've seen, ranging from redneck mall rats to the random guy who walks back and forth - for my entire 6 hour shift in the calander kiosk. There's a number of regulars that I see, and usually at clockwork. The people in Citizen Bank leave at about 5:30, and LenseCrafters closes pretty close to 7. And the people at Walmart are scary, not just some of the employees, but some of the people shopping there.

While on break, we had a truck pull up to take back some returns from our outlet. I helped the driver load some boxes after finishing my sandwhich. He mentioned some of his routes and 12 hour trips that he takes every week. I don't know how drivers do that. After 4-5 hours, I'm starting to go crazy.

I was able to finish Matriarch today and man, right up to the end, some surprises. Spoilers: The Isinj are at civil war, Shan and Ade, although sterilized, somehow became pregnant and which Shan aborted with a grenade (yikes), Ryhat is still annoying although starting to be a reasonable character, the Ben'zari are Nazis and now infected with Cha'naat , Vissiji blew himself to pieces, and Lindsay is a bitch. And transparent, literally. (Sarah, correct me on the names, because I can't remember them for anything.) Makes me really wish that the next book (5/6) will be coming out soon. Also got a huge chunk out of Dracula after I finished Matriarch. We discussed it in class, as being the root for a lot of the modern horror/supernatural stories, and it's really proving to be so. I'm liking it a lot, more so than Frankenstein and Dr. Jeckle / Mr. Hyde.

I don't know if I ever mentioned it, but I won second place in the Lexia Photo Contest, 2006 for my picture 'View from St. Paul's'

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It was a welcome surprise a couple weeks ago, and I only learned (probably two weeks after I got the prize money) what the photo was. I like this picture, but I didn't peg this one as one that would win a photo contest, not that I'm complaining. I liked a couple others more, that's all. Lexia has put a profile online, and I was able to see the other contest winners and submissions. Lots of good photos there.

Okay, and now off to bed.