Well, that sucks.

Universal and Fox have both withdrawn their financial support for the upcoming Halo movie. That means no money for a movie that was already financed at $135 million dollars, heavy on CGI, costuming, and with Peter Jackson as an Executive Producer and a relatively new director. According to the SciFi Wire, the studios were trying to get Microsoft to get a lower profit for the movie, and it didn't work.

This hasn't killed the movie, and while they're still continuing preproduction on it, there's no one to pay the bills until Microsoft finds someone who will and can. Come on Bill Gates, give us a hand here, it's not like you'd notice $200 million missing anywhere in your daily life...

On top of that, NBC has announced that they're going into cost cutting measures by eliminating 700 jobs within the company, as well as cutting back on Scripted Dramas. That means more reality TV, because they're cheaper and apparently people like those better. GOD - Why is the American Public so stupid and easy to please in this area? NBC hauled out some of the finest shows of the season - Studio 60, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica and others. I really hope that this'll not hurt the other shows in the future. Especially Galactica.