All the colors fade...

It was about 6:30 or so when it hit me; one of those moments when all the energy just seems to evaporate from you and you want nothing more but to collapse and sleep for twelve hours. Unfortunently, at 6:30, I was in the middle of putting a number of Borders issued classics into overstock, with the store telephone ringing and several customers milling around.


Today was one of those days. I was actually awake for most of my two classes, making some points in American Short Stories, got some paperwork signed by a teacher so the Tactical Club will have a staff advisor and trying to stay awake during the movie Dracula, which after the book was a bit of a letdown. To top it off, I still don't have a bike helmet, which adds on another 5-8 minutes to my commute. Also had my student for geology tutoring not show up, which gave me another mile to walk unnecessarily.

LOST isn't working on the ABC website for some reason, so I've seen the first couple minutes. Supernatural will be on later and I've got Jericho on inbetween homework breaks. On top of that, Facebook isn't working, so I can't message various people about meetings and what have you.

And Eye in the Sky is saying that the first snow is expected in the higher elevations. Finally! I think that this time of the year, as well as early spring, after the leaves have gone, and before everything turns green, when it's grey out, is the more interesting. Something about driving along the highway watching the scenery like that.

Editl: Supernatural - I think it had Summer Glau in it this episode, but I'm not sure.