But No One Knows Where Time Goes

I just got out of a meeting with my advisor to decide what classes I'm to take for my last semester here. 4 Classes total. A History Sem, World Lit 2, Math 102 and Political Science. Yay, all said and done, it'll be a good semester. I go down to the computer to fill in details and times and... no political science. Not in the P0 211 range anyway, actually, not in the 200 range. Gar. I need to talk to Prof. Kunaf and see if I can take a 300 instead.
And it's still not even 9:30.
I finally got a helmet for my bike, so I'm back on that until the weather gets really inclimate and/or dangerous. I'm really out of shape again though - Two weeks of being off really took my stanima down, which left me completely out of breathe for my meeting. The muscles in my wrist are regrowing nicely though, there's almost no pain anymore.
Three classes today, Communications (Which I'm beginning to hate with a passion, because my classmates are probably braindead), Economics (which I'm okay with at the moment beginning to hate. A quiz with 40 questions is not a quiz.) and then History (Which I love).
After that, Amos Lee! Need to remember my camera and ticket. Higher Ground has had a lot of good people in this year, and this, along with Carbon Leaf, was a singer whom I'm a huge fan of. Not missing that one. Should be really good.

Yeah, I'm going to be able to concentrate in class today.

Facepalm: Yay for not realizing that I got into school two hours early and getting to class an hour early. Thus, I'm back home actually getting breakfast and my overdue library books.

And, I have Archer Mayor's newest book! The Second Mouse is the title, and the library finally got it in. Can't wait to read it, should be a fast read, hopefully a good one. I really need to go and re-read some of his older (1st Person and better) ones, like the Skeleton's Knee, Ragman's Memory or Tucker Peak. Hm... I'll post up an explaination when I don't have class looming.