Shout Out Loud

Just got back from Amos Lee's concert - He's really a great singer. Completely outstripped his opener - Dayna Kurtz- , was just awful. Not a great voice, her sound was all over the place and her guitar was pretty simplistic, songs lackluster. I was disapointed with her.
But Lee and his band was great. They seemed a little tired and cranky at first - he told a group of girls to cut it out with the flash photos, which was a good thing - but got into a groove right at the beginning. They did some fantastic renditions of Shout Out Loud, Keep It Loose Keep It Tight, Sweet Pea (One that I wasn't very fond of on the album, but live, it was amazing) and Night Train. He's got a great voice, although unlike Carbon Leaf, he didn't talk a whole lot to the crowd. He seemed not really nervous, but not talkative and slightly out of place. On stage while playing, he dominated, completely. The other guys in his band were great as well. Here's the set list. It's not complete, because they played several new songs that I'd not heard, but they were pretty good.

  • Dreamin'
  • Seen it All Before
  • Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight
  • Bottom of the Barrel
  • Supply and Demand
  • Truth?
  • Sweet Pea
  • Lulliby
  • Freedom
  • The Wind
  • Soul Suckers
  • Black River
  • Shout Out Loud
  • Night Train
  • Long Line of Pain
  • Arms of A Woman

So yeah, great evening, had quite a bit of fun, and was amused that there was a band next door called Hellbreath, a heavy metal outfit. Two extremes.