Happy Halloween

There's something about fall in Vermont that just screams everything that Halloween, just little things that have always piqued my interest, more than the sort of gothic look and feel that the holiday sometimes has. It's kinda appropriate that I have gothic lit today.
One of the things is back roads here, especially in the fall. The leaves are gone now, covering the ground, and there are a number of back roads that are lined with the skeletons of trees. At night, it's paticularly creepy looking.
Italianate houses are another one on the list. Italianates are tall, but usually with flat roofs, tall windows, and are usually clapboarded, painted white and multiple stories tall. There's one that I see on the way to work, just off to my right as I get on the highway. It's two stories, looks fairly run down and is in the middle of a field of golden, dead grass that probably comes up to my chest. There's just something about the house that feels like a ghost story waiting to happen. It's right up there with a grave yard.

I'll probably curl up tonight with Edgar Allen Poe or Ray Bradbury after work tonight. From the Dust Returned is one of the books that I've been trying to get to every Halloween, and Poe is just a no brainer.

Work tonight - in Storm Troopre Armour!