Can you help me occupy my brain?

You know what is beginning to bug me? The fact that every single Fox show seems to carry the disclaimer that goes like this:

This program is unsuited for minors/Viewer Discretion is Advised.

I think one of two things:
1: That Fox is either trying to really cover their asses from possible law suits by showing shows like Prison Break, Standoff and House, which is somewhat acceptable. These shows have some disturbing content here and there, but nothing more than what you'd see in a PG-13 or so movie, and they're aired at 9-10, which is getting into the time when you can do things like that. But Family Guy showed an episode where Lois teaches students about safe sex, and that had the warning. Are they worried that some religious group is going to sue them for something like that?
2: It's a warning, and what to people think when they see warnings, like don't push the red button or something like that? Of course you're going to be interested in what's on the television if it says something like that. It's a way to say 'Hey! Look at us and how radical we're being by pushing the envelope a bit!'

While it's nice that they're thinking that they're being dangerous or something like that, it's kinda irritaing when they put up the warning and do things that nobody would blink an eye at. Granted, Prison Break showed us a slew of people dying and T-Bag getting his hand chopped off, House shows us some morally/ethically weird things, but for some episodes, I'm just beginning to wonder if they're just sticking the warnings up to make everyone think that they're being responsible by warning kids away. There's not really anything that's wrong with the episodes or really anything that warrents a warning. To me, it just seems like an advertising gimmick.