Throw it all Away

So, it's Vacation. Number of days in: 5. Things accomplished: Minimal. I should really get going on the school work.
Did a little work yesterday, picked up my sister at school to bring her to Physical Therapy. Before I did that, I walked around my old high school, running into an old friend whom I haven't seen in years, as well as a number of teachers and people that I knew there. It was weird being back there, and I don't go to visit very often. Teachers are the same, but there's different kids all over the place. My old TA, Ginny, was thrilled to see me, and was horribly surprised that it's been four years since graduation. Another teacher, whom I'd started with at grade 7 was also surprised that it's been a decade. God, I've never thought of it like that.
Dropped Keelia off, and met up with my friend Sarah, who's back from New Zealand for the winter, spent a couple hours catching up on various things. I've also known her for ten years now. It was good to see her. Picked Keelia up afterwards, dropped by Smalldog electronics, where I got my iPod, to get them to check it out, and while waiting, played with the small puppy that was bouncing around the store. (It's called Smalldog for a reason). Keelia practically squealed when she saw him, and he was very cute, although he kept wanting to nibble on my hand.
Yeah, rest of the day was uneventful. Tried to do some more work, got some reading done, my brother came over, watched House and Veronica Mars, both good episodes.
Today's proving to be just as uneventful, as I'm finishing up some bread and random cleaning of the place, and I've got work in a couple hours. I'm going to make a serious effort to get some more work done.