Flurries, with a chance of insanity expected

So it's snowing again. Like, really snowing. We got ten inches last night, and the worst is still on it's way, according to intellicast, which I've been watching for the past couple days. Finally, we get a proper Vermont winter. Not necessarily cold, but a helluva lot of snow.
This is a bit of a bigger storm than I can really remember, at least on it's own. Last night, as I drove up to work, there were already snow cancellations for various central Vermont towns, something I don't think that I've ever heard of happening before, notice of a cancellation the night before. Good thing too, because the roads are pretty bad. Not really slippery, but the plow crews are really working to keep up with the snow that's coming down, and the snow's winning.
Storms like this make the entire state burrow in for a couple days - or at least the smart ones. There were a couple of people in smaller sedans driving around from campus, which isn't really striking me as the smartest idea at the moment. The president sent out an e-mail earlier this morning urging students to remain on campus and not to drive. I guess they didn't get the memo. They've also asked students to volunteer helping with snow removal from stairs and walkways, another thing that I haven't seen happen before. As I said, there's a lot of it at the moment. I think the entire English department is closed up today, there was sign after sign after sign on the classroom doors, making me wonder why I even bothered to come into campus, because my English teacher has trouble in even mild weather, let alone this. I have to walk into town eventually and pick up some random things, and possibly do some research for the seminar. I'm hoping that my math class will be cancelled. Actually, I'm seriously considering going home and picking up my skis and hiking up Mt. Payne. I might end up doing that, if I can find out if my class is cancelled. One thing's for sure, the ski industry here has got to be thrilled at this, because some places have been struggling this winter, because of the really mild winter that we've had thus far.
It had some interesting reppercussions at work last night as well. Retail stores have a certain quota that we have to hit every day. We call it Plan at Walden Books, I'm not sure what other places call it. We doubled our plan last night, pretty much setting us ahead for the rest of the week. Undoubtably, this is because people planned ahead, realised that they probably wouldn't be driving around tomorrow and went in last night. Today, it's most likely going to be completely dead- if they're open at all. I'm glad that I'm not working, because I have some serious doubts about some parts of the road. I don't mind driving in snow at all - I'm just curious as to whether my car can make it up some of the hills.

And, Happy Valentine's Day / Singles Appreciation day.