New Currency

Found this article during the morning news scan: We're getting another $1 coin, starting next week. Interesting, because I hadn't heard a thing about it until now. Like the 50 quarter program, the US mint will be running through all the presidents, four per year.

The coin looks cool - and overall, coins make a lot more sense than dollar bills, mainly, because they last something like 30 times longer. Bills become tattered and torn, while coins just wear down a bit. England doesn't have a £1 note - they've got the pound, a thick coin about the size of a quarter. I loved that coin and still have a couple kicking around. Coins like thse also make a lot of sense for a lot of the automated things that we frequently use, such as vending machines, laundry, bus tickets, everything like that. I was a little disapointed that the previous dollar coin didn't pan out - I liked that one as well. The way that this is being approached though, might pull in more people to collect or use them. I guess we'll see.