Typing, typing, typing...

That's about what my day amounted today, and will most likely be tomorrow and the day after. Instead of my paper being due in two weeks, like I'd thought, the next-to-last draft is due this Thursday. Which actually has me less frazzled than I thought it would leave me, because the paper's coming together really well. Current page count is 20 pages, with the first three or so sections done:

  • Introduction / Preperation / Planning for D-Day
  • Day 1: D-Day
  • Days 2-4: D-Day 1-3
  • Days 5-10: D-Day 4-9

The first two sections were really long, the last two were shorter, mainly because there was only one Norwich alum landing each day. The next section, starting with June 11th, will be longer, because not only was there two large units, the 2nd Armored Division and the 39th Infantry arriving, they've got almost ten people between the two of them from Norwich, some of those guys who were fairly important (General Brooks and Col. Flint), but I also have found a lot of information on them.
Still trying to find information on some of the other units, like the 18th Field Artillery, which doesn't seem to exist at times, among others, and I've also uncovered a couple of other alumni who are in the Norwich Record, but somehow didn't make it onto my list, bringing my count up to 28 confirmed alumni, 34 possible. It's quite a number of people. Three sections to do, mainly with the remaining days, a look at what happened after the invasion and the buildup in Normandy occured and the breakout, a mention that there's some more people (like Phil Brackett, an army dentist), who was awarded the Normandy ribbon, but I can't figure out when he was at Normandy. Same goes for a doctor and a couple of people who the Record says was at Normandy, but because I don't know their units, I can't figure out when or what they were doing.
With my files, map-that-doesn't-exist-yet and source list, I think this is going to be somewhere in the 30-40 page ballpark. If people are interested, I'll serialize it once it's finalized, and stick it up here.