Done! Sort of...

I'm done with my paper! Well, I'm done with the penultimate draft anyway. Topped out at 25 or so pages, without the appendixes (probably 3) and the bibliography. Those will probably add on about five pages or so. I'm not entirely thrilled with the end product, because I don't have all of my research done, and while finishing up, I found a couple of other guys to add to my list, and need to look into their backstories a bit more. Might need to do some more detail work throughout the Normandy campaign, and include some details on the various reunions that Norwich students had in France, which we have quite a bit of details about.
My history class just got back from a trip to Norwich Vermont (Norwich University is located in Northfield, but was originally the American Scientific, Literary and Military acadamy, located at Norwich), which was amusing and interesting, mainly because that class rocks.
In the meantime, I'm going to actually rest for a bit, catch up on my sleep. I just found a cover of Bittersweet Symphony by Coldplay, and I have pizza for dinner. That just about makes up for the foot of snow that fell this morning. And my busted tire that I got on Tuesday night. Blarg.