Alive! And Angry. And Busy

So, still very annoyed about Camp and everything - Furious really, but I have my Normandy Project to distract me for the time being. Couple of recent developments:

- One of the alumni on my list is still alive. And I have a phone number for him. Thus, I am all but bouncing around at this news.

- Finished getting pictures of everyone scanned, and once I isolate the pictures, I'll include them in my presentation tomorrow.

- I'm presenting tomorrow and oh god, I'm not done with my presentation I've got people I still need to include in my paper and gaah.

- Just got the rest of my stuff for the Normandy trip. My flights from NH to London and back is now booked. My hostel in London is booked. Flights to and from London to Paris is now booked. Arrangements to meet people and staying with them have been made. And it's less than a month before the trip.

- Raines, the TV show, is awesome. As is The Zimmers, a band of 90 + year old English people, singing the Who's My Generation, seen here: