Living History

My presentation for my Norwich D-Day Project is today. In 30 minutes, to be precise, and I just finished checking over my slides and information for the last time. I had to add a lot of information in in a couple places, because I found that there's still a surviving member from the invasion of Normandy - Mr. Arthur Harrington, who was happy to talk with me about his experiences in World War II. We spent about 40 minutes on the telephone this morning, and he gave me some fairly detailed information about what he was up to prior to, during and after the invasion. He was part of the 5th Special Engineering Brigade, and later, the 294 Join Assault Signal Company, supplying communication between the 1st and 29th infantry divisions on the invasion day, June 6th, on Omaha beach. He wasn't aware of any other Norwich people at the invasion, and was interested to learn that several of his classmates were also there, in divisions around him (1st and 29th Infantry). It was a very, very interesting talk, and I'm glad that I caught his name. I'll be sending him a paper once it's finished.
Presentation in 20 minutes. Presentaion Burned to CD, e-mailed to myself and on thumb drive. Let's hope that I don't mess this up.