Toy Soldiers Hope For Better Years

So, I turned in my paper last week, the last draft, for review, and had my first presentation in front of the class on the topic. It went over well, aside from the fact that I went over my time by 20 minutes. People seemed to like it, a couple of my classmates told me that it was very interesting, and hopefully, I got good marks from them on my presentation.
Earlier today, I had a meeting with my professor on my draft - he's been spending the last couple of days working them all over (Fortunently, there's only eight of us) and he gave mine back, covered in red ink. It wasn't as bad as I thought that it might be, mostly mechanical stuff and citations, which I really need to redo. But he liked the paper, thought that I did good research, and I have two weeks to finish working that up. I'm going through it now, getting all the easier things to correct. So, it's going along a lot easier than I thought that it would.

Now that a bulk of the work is done, I can resume normal school work, stuff that I've kind of pushed aside for a while - back math homework and an english paper that I have to get done. I'd rather just avoid it.

Picked up a couple of books, the first called Miles from Nowhere, from the Northfield Bookstore, and J.R.R. Tolkien's latest, Children of Hurin, which is really good, but I need to really concentrate reading it, because otherwise, I end up missing tons of things. That was a complete impulse buy, last night at work, mainly because it was 40% off, more than my employee discount, and mainly because it's so shiny.

I also helped out at school with Jr. Ring, which in my four years at Norwich, I've never actually been to, (Celebration 3, London and the girl being out of state all reasons why I've never bothered to go), setting up the stage for the band that came in, and tearing it down again after the show. Band was Armor For Sleep, some emo-rock group that wasn't that good. They did sound a whole lot less whiny in person, but they're nobody that I'd ever recommend to anyone. I only caught the last twenty or so minutes of their set. The stage was more interesting.

Now, I'm going to procrastinate further by watching Long Way Round or reading Hurin. Hm...