So, I feel like crap once again. A while ago, I wrote up something on an author who happened to come into the store and who I thought was really rude. Written up and done, and I pretty much forgot about it. And then that author found that entry. I'm not sure how, not sure that I want to, but she felt badly about it. She came back to the store the other day and apoligized, and explained her side of the store. I've been unhappy with things that I've said and written of people, but this time I was really ashamed. She said that she was having a bad day. Her book was just out, and she just wanted to be helpful, where I thought that she was being possesive and stubborn. I'm a horrible judge of character. Everybody has their bad days. I should have realized that, and not flown off the handle, figuratively. I should also remember that people do read this and be careful about what I say in the future. I'll be annoyed by people in the future, I know that. Hopefully I'll learn from this to some extent and not repeat it.
So, Mrs. Sarah Strohmeyer, I'm sorry. Coming into the store probably was hard, and for my part of that, I am truly sorry. What you did has humbled me. Everyone else, forget what I said earlier about the subject, because it was unprofessional, out of line, and just plain rude on my part. And for that, I hate myself and that I know I'm a horrible person. Maybe it's a good thing that I'll be leaving the bookstore. I think I'll turn in my two weeks earlier than I figured I would.