Cary Brothers Concert

Singer-Songwriter Cary Brother has been a favorite of mine for a little while now. Most everyone would probably remember his song Blue Eyes, which was featured on the Garden State soundtrack back, a couple years ago. Since then, he's released a couple of EPs and a fantastic full length album, Who You Are.

He played up here at the Higher Ground last night, and I finally was able to get out to see him.

Two bands played before him, both linked on the same tour, a woman named Priscilla Ahn, who fits nicely into the chicks-with-guitars catagory and Stars of Track and Field, who're more of the indie-alt-rock field.
Ahn was the better of the two opening acts. While she's just starting out, she's got a good voice, and a bit of talent. She's still got a little ways to go, but I think that she'll be someone to keep your eyes on in the future. We'll be hearing from her soon - she's got a full length album that she's working on now.

Stars of Track and Field are interesting. They've got a decent sound, and when they want to, plenty of energy, although they started off their set with a more acoustic couple of songs before keying it up a bit. They're also worth looking into.

The best act of the night, of course, was Cary himself. Right off the bat, he and his band came on to the stage and cracked a couple of jokes with the audience, and then went through a fantastic set of music from both his new album and some of his older stuff, as well as a song that I didn't recognize. Here's the set list:

- Jealousy
- Ride
- Supposed To Be
- Wasted One
- (New Song)
- The Last One
- Honestly
- The Glass Parade
- If You Were Here (With Priscilla Ahn)
- Who You Are
- Blue Eyes (With Priscilla Ahn)

Ahn came on stage for two numbers with Brothers, which worked really nicely, although she was drowned out a bit by the second guitar and bass. Cary was as well a couple times. Overall, it was a fantastic concert. I got to talk with Cary for a couple of minutes after they were done, really nice guy, seems to really like his audience and chatting with them. He's playing at the Iron Horse down in North Hampton, Mass, today, and I'd highly recommend making it over to see him.

Next week, hopefully, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.