Random Stuff

  • I'm liking this blogroll application that Blogger has allowed to be added to blogs. There's been a bunch that I've tracked over the years, but this lays them out in a neat manner, and arranges them according to when they've been updated, via RSS Feed. I've grouped the history ones, people I talk to, Authors I follow and my other two blogs (501st and Music) together to make things easier for me.

  • Residency is here at Norwich University. I've been back and forth between campus, working extra hours while all of our students have been here. It's been interesting thus far. I've sat in on one presentation, Explorations in Military Effectiveness, which was facinating, and I'll write up something about it at some point.

  • Did a troop at the Montpelier Kellogg-Hubbard Library with our newest Vermont storm trooper, Mike, which went pretty well. Details here.

  • I get to see José González tomorrow night at the Higher Ground! So excited to see him in person, finally.

  • Anna's coming up on Friday for the weekend and a couple days. Can't wait for that.

  • George Carlin died yesterday, at the age of 71, from heart failure. Undoubtedly, he would have something funny to say about it.