No Masks, No Powers, No Heroics

For all you UK people out there - I just came across this show, No Heroics, to be shown on ITV2 starting September 10th, I believe. The show is about a small group of lesser known superheroes and their lives off duty. Watching the trailer, I think this one will be a good one to catch. Looks absolutely hilarious. To me, this should be a win because it will combine Superheros with British humour, which should be an interesting matchup.A couple of quotes that just made me burst out laughing:

- Oh for Christ's sake. You're the dick who burned down the national gallery aren't you? - Yes! The Hotness, you have heard of me!

- Xerox, run off five of those for me? - Oh, I bet you're fun at the office party.

- Just look out for the anti-tank missile. - Sorry, what anti-tank missile? *Boom* - That one

This show comes at a fun time for fans of superheroes. With Iron Man and the Dark Knight dominating the box office - quite literally - this summer, as well as the recent popularity of the television show Heroes and a couple recent books such as Who Can Save Us Now? and Soon, I Will Be Invincible, there's a lot of new, original material out there. (Okay, maybe not quite as original when it comes to the comic adaptations on the big screen, but you get my meaning.)

No Heroics seems like it would fall far more with the Soon, I Will Be Invincible and Hancock side of superheroes. While trailers are usually bad things to go by, this seems to be very fun to watch, and shows a far different side of superheroes than one usually finds in the comics - we have a different sort of London and superhero environment that is much more frivolous and trite than others that come to mind. I mean honestly, how often do you see the Avengers or Justice League going out for a drink?

Because this is out in Britain, there's going to be things that you won't usually see in the US - Profanity, a vastly different style of humor and so on. Hopefully, this will live up to my expectations that are just starting to form, but man, it looks like fun. And, it'll give me something to watch while I wait for Heroes to return. (Because there's no way that I'm stretching Season 2 out until September 20th)

Trailer (Some language) [youtube=]