X&Y and Stuff...

Have been having some fun with the paycheck. I got some new clothes over the weekend, which were really needed, and it's been time for a change of pace anyway. Picked up Everyday, so I now have all of the DMB studio albums. It's like 9 hours of straight up Dave Matthew's on my computer. Good stuff. Everyday was pretty good, although it's too mainstream sounding for them.
Coldplay's new album, X&Y, is much better, a really good listen, and a great followup to Rush of Blood to the Head. They're one of the few bands that I pretty much like everything that they've done, although there are some songs that I don't care too much for. Thus far, Square One, White Shadows, Talk, X&Y, Speed of Sound and Twisted Logic are my favorites from this one.
This week is my last one at KAS Inc. On Sunday, I'm going to be starting my next job at YMCA Camp Abnaki, and for the most part, I'll be on hiatus for most of the summer, with occasional updates, probably once or twice a week. I can't wait for the kids and staff to arrive.
I hung out with fellow Geek Squad (NOT affiliated with those craptacular hacks at Best Buy- they stole our name) members, Sam and Blackwell, up in Burlington last night, played some Halo 2, caught up on current events with Beep, who manages to vanish for weeks at a time before bothering to tell anyone. Great to see the two of them again, and can't wait until we're all back at camp. Because I'm going to be Admin Staff this year, I'm up a week before them.

And why the fuck are women in Vermont so few and always attached?